iOS 3.3.0 and Android 1.10 Update

Hey all!

Going forward, we’ll be sharing what we’re up to on the product and development team with every new major patch release.

Infrastructure and Stability
We’re working hard on ensuring servers are stable and secure. We implemented a new load balancer to direct traffic to improve stability, moved many of our calls to a faster database store called Redis, and completed a bunch more under-the-hood work to make the app faster and more secure. The next major project we’ll be working on is replacing the infrastructure that operates our rooms to something newer and more stable. We’ll report more news on that as we begin.

Infrastructure work is pretty technical, so some of the above may be a bit confusing. What it means in practice is that the app should be more stable and load times should be faster. We hope you feel the results!

iOS 3.3.0 Patch
This patch was mostly focused on bug fixes and performance improvements. It also includes some fun new features like:

  • The ability to tap on the avatar in a closet camera or text post to see what items the avatar is wearing. If an item in this preview exists in the shop, a magnifying glass will appear that opens that item’s location.
  • Necks are back! We fixed an issue with the way avatars were rendered in 3.2.0.
  • You can now login with Google (across both iOS and Android).
  • Lots of event-related and path-finding fixes for walking in rooms.

Android 1.10
Since the 1.7 release we’ve been working on tons of new features. Even though some of you have seen them, the rest of you might be wondering where are they? Well, when we released our 1.8 release to some of you, we noticed the app had a higher crash rate than normal. We fixed the issues and released 1.9. The only problem was that apparently we didn’t really fix those issues and the app was still crashing. Third time’s a charm, so here goes 1.10 where the crashes are finally resolved. 1.10 features include:

  • Inbox search
  • Advertise your storefront items in feed
  • Create posts with multiple images
  • Your profile found a new place in a bottom tab
  • Login with Google
  • Trading and previewing emotes
  • Grab screen has fancy new buttons
  • Rooms can play music. If you don’t like it you can always turn it off in settings
  • Selling items to Pippin’s Pawn Shop in The Garden
  • Send reactions to other users in rooms
  • MANY bug fixes! Let’s hope this time we’ve fixed more bugs than created new ones!

We’re working on 2 major features on iOS BETA at the moment.

  • Secondhand Grabs: this feature allows you to make your own grabs. You can add items to a Grab, set the price and set the drop rate probabilities. We’re working on adding the ability to set your own Grab name, Inbox activities that show when to collect Gold or when Grabs are running out of items, and a few other requested features. We’ll then build the feature for Android and release it to everyone.
  • Permanent Style Challenge: The next Beta feature that we’re building is a more permanent version of the Style Challenge event. It will likely be launched for testing early next month. Here’s how it works:
    • Each style challenge lasts 48 hours.
    • A new style challenge begins every 8 hours.
    • After you enter a style challenge, you’re paired with 9 other players.
    • When you get your results, you’re ranked against the 9 other players you were paired with. This means 10% of all participants will get 1st place!
    • Rewards will be distributed for the top ranks of the 10 players competing against each other.
    • You can vote on pairs just like the regular style challenge, but you get Bubbles every time you vote. You get extra Bubbles if you vote for the model with the higher score.
    • You can vote a limited number of times per hour.

Backend Work

  • We added tons of new features that enable support and event operations to do their job better. You can’t see the features because our team uses them, but they definitely help us do our job better! You’ll notice that support can do some new things like reset daily reward tracks. That’s because of all the work our team has been doing on improving our backend!
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