October Trust & Safety Updates

Hey there! We’re back again to give you an update on all of the Trust & Safety improvements we’ve made since our last blog post, go over our current tech, and share some future plans to best support our community. Sit back, relax, and read on. 

So, what’s new, you ask? (Please ask – it’s an easier segue if you do, thanks). Well! Let me tell you 💬




We’ve hired and fully trained five additional T&S associates. For a quick review, our Support staff is split into two crews: the Concierge Team, which handles general technical issues; and the Trust & Safety Team, which reviews all player reports and enforces our guidelines fairly and accurately. By building out this crucial team, we’re better equipped to meet the needs of our ever-growing community. 




Our guidelines are now easier to understand and better organized to reflect our values and to prioritize issues that matter most to our players, like minor safety and NSFW content. 




New adjustments to both the front and back ends of our reporting system make it easier for players to send reports of guideline violations, and also enable our agents to resolve these reports with greater accuracy thanks to an expanded toolkit. One such tool, for instance, is the ability to hear and review reported voice chats so that we can keep all voice chats safe.




In an effort to allow players to learn from their mistakes, we’ve moved away from suspending as a first response. Instead, our team more often issues mutes in place of suspensions. A muted player can continue playing Highrise without spreading toxicity, but also is given the chance to course-correct before getting entirely booted. The last thing we want to do is remove players from the application, but please note that community safety is still paramount, so permanent bans are still a possibility in certain circumstances. 


That’s not all though! We’ve still got plenty more exciting things coming down the pipeline! (You know what would be really exciting to see coming down the pipeline? Cupcakes. But I digress…)


Look forward to these new features! 




We’re creating an entirely new room moderation system from scratch. This system will allow our Trust & Safety Team to monitor all rooms and room reports and take quick action against any rooms violating our guidelines. You’ll soon see fewer unwelcome rooms taking up space in the Directory, and more rooms populating the Directory that deserve to be there. 




We’re making it easier than ever to report guideline violations to us. Soon you’ll be able to tap the exact message you believe violates our guidelines and report it directly to us. This feature will help with reporting specific comments in the newsfeed, or particular messages sent in a public or private chat. Simply hold down that comment or message, report it, and our T&S associates will review what exactly was said and take action from there. 




Hate spam? Us too. It tastes terrible. We can’t do anything about that, but we can reduce the amount of spam you see on Highrise. Soon players won’t be able to spam comments on posts, preventing artificial boosting of hashtags and also just reducing general annoyance. Gah, stop spamming!




We’ll be improving our AI Monitoring/Filtering systems (It’s almost sentient… send help!). This, in general, will help us reduce the amount of bad stuff you see sent in public and private messages. We’re also looking into the possibility of adding additional services like PhotoDNA, which helps to identify any child exploitation images and flags them to be reported to the authorities.


We’ve learned from our community that there are certain areas you’d like us to focus on so that you can feel safer on Highrise. These areas are minor safety, inappropriate rooms, inappropriate messages, and in general, NSFW content. Through this dialogue, we’ve made these issues the top priorities for our team, which means we’re putting more resources behind our efforts to prevent issues, and actioning them quicker when they do come up. You should soon notice a lot less of this type of content on Highrise, and we anticipate even greater reductions over time as we continue to fine-tune our systems. We’ll keep you up to date! ❤️

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