Player Safety Updates

As we’ve grown, we’ve faced unexpected challenges and made manifold mistakes as we learned to manage a vast and diverse online space. We haven’t always been perfect – far from it – but we commit to evolving our current practices to better serve our incredible community. 

Here are some examples of the changes we’ve already made to protect our players and improve everyone’s in-game experiences. 


Raised the recommended age to 17+ 

This age bracket more accurately reflects our demographics and indicates suitability for a more mature audience. In our efforts to promote a safe space for the discussion of difficult topics, raising the age recommendation allows for more openness and meaningful storytelling.


All accounts must now enter a birthday

Players who are minors have limitations on their available actions, and children under 13 are automatically barred from the app. Players who fall under the minimum age limit and attempt to alter their birthdate to remain in the app are escorted from the premises upon discovery. 


Fixed reporting

The report feature is fully operational and remains the best way to contact us about important issues regarding player safety. Incidents are prioritized so that high-risk situations receive urgent attention, and we never ignore or close an issue without taking an action. Our new and improved system is better suited to the high volume of reports we receive on a daily basis: as our community has grown exponentially worldwide, the reporting system replaced the moderator program as a more effective and efficient means of resolving issues as quickly as possible.   


Additional support staff 

We have 9 members on our support crew offering 18 hours of service 7 days a week. When we first opened the Highrise doors, answering support tickets was one of many duties of a solitary staff member, and we received only a few dozen emails a day. Now, we answer hundreds of emails a day and boast a response time that’s gone from hours to minutes.  


AI filtering 

This technology picks up on key words and phrases within context to automatically filter out most cases of inappropriate sexual content and hate speech in both image and text formats. By adding this tool, we’ve prevented thousands of instances of guideline-violating content from ever entering the app.


Hired a dedicated Trust & Safety Report Monitor 

This coordinator ensures that we fulfill our obligations to our community rules and values. All issues related to Trust & Safety go straight to this specialized policy expert for review and resolution.


Changes to the witch-hunting policy

We first added this policy as an addendum to our guidelines regarding harassment. As time went on, we heard that this approach was sometimes affecting players trying to spread awareness on important topics. Now, when we encounter a post flagged for witch-hunting, our support staff will typically remove the post and issue a warning, if warranted, in lieu of implementing an immediate ban. To be sure though, the best way for a player to handle someone who’s violating our Community Guidelines is still to report them instead of posting about them.


⏭️  And more exciting additions are near on the horizon as well. Look forward to:


Mute button 

This is a new tool for our support team to hide posts and messages when a player commits a minor offense. Muting allows us to take action without needing to issue a ban.


A new Community Manager 

We are excited to announce that we are days away from onboarding a dedicated, full-time CM to assist with these vitally important issues and promote the safety of the HR community. We can’t wait to introduce you!  


The continuing development of our support team  

The support staff attends to everything from Reports to purchase issues, and we want to ensure that every incident receives the timely attention it deserves. To that end, we will not only be adding additional staff to this department, but also providing extended training to ensure consistency and thoroughness in every ticket. 


A fix for the Contact Us feature 

We’re aware that some players are having trouble sending tickets to the support team. While we work on rooting out the cause, here’s what you can do if you find yourself encountering this bug: clear the cache on your device. This should allow you to continue sending in reports until we get this bug fixed. 


Enhanced clarity and communication

We hear your concerns about confusing policies and unclear updates to these guidelines. It’s vital that we’re all on the same page regarding not only the current practices but also planned and requested changes. Current and upcoming features and rules will all receive their own blog post, so keep your eyes out for news on this blog page and on the Highrise EN profile! 


Note that this list isn’t comprehensive, nor are blog posts like this one meant to be exhaustive in any way. While we’re writing this in response to important conversations started in-game, change doesn’t end here. 

Thank you as always for your feedback. Without honest discussions, course-correcting would be next to impossible, and the app wouldn’t be what it is today. 


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