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Last week, we asked you to share your honest thoughts with us regarding the Concierge team. Keeping in mind our continuing commitment to enhanced transparency, this blog post will review some of the key findings from this survey, including specific metrics and insights into our processes. Were you thinking you could escape statistics now that school is over for summer? No such luck here, pal. 

Of 1716 people surveyed, 40% had never contacted the Concierge Desk

There’s probably a bit of bias here, since players who have written Concierge desk are more likely to click the survey link, but we still thought this was an interesting number. 


Our response time was rated 5.7 / 10, or “Reasonably Timely” 

You may remember from our previous blog post that we’ve increased our staff size over recent months. Here are the numbers from March 2021 → Present

6 hour response time → <45 minute response time

9 hours of coverage → 18 hours of coverage

2 Concierges → 9 Concierges

The Concierge Desk doubled availability and tripled in size in recent months to ensure that every ticket receives a quick response. We’ll agree that quick response times aren’t just nice to have – they’re essential for issues with purchases and quickly removing bad actors from the game. 

For any given company response times for email support vary wildly, with average estimates ranging from seven hours to twelve hours. We were already beating the average, but looking at our new and improved response times, we’ll agree that sub-45 minute answers are “Reasonably Timely.”


You said the areas needing the most improvement were Correctly Identifying Issues (46.3%) and Correctly Resolving Player Reports/Guideline Violations (62.4%) 

First, we’ll go over Correctly Identifying Issues. 

In March of this year, we introduced the Concierge Bot (that’s him up above). When a player opens up the menu to get in touch with our Concierge Desk, the Concierge Bot (let’s go with CB for short) asks players a few questions about the issue they’re experiencing. Not only does CB actually resolve 22% of issues all on his own (way to go, champ!), CB also allows players to choose which category their ticket pertains to. Incoming tickets are assigned to different Concierges based on category – we have a dedicated Concierge who handles all purchase issues and another who handles Trust and Safety Reports (more on this later). Talking to CB not only might resolve your issue entirely, but will help us automatically sort your request to ensure it’s sent to the correct Concierge.

Now, regarding guideline violations, we’ll give you some insight into how we resolve Player Reports. 

When you report another player, most of these reports will be funneled directly to our Trust and Safety Monitor. This Concierge is an expert on our policies and resolves all tickets in this bucket to ensure that we’re handling violations fairly and consistently. 

Once we resolve a report, we’ll close out the ticket without notifying the reporter about the outcome of the dispute. Though many reports result in an action such as banning & warning, we keep these outcomes confidential to maintain player privacy and the integrity of enforcement policy. 

 To best help our team take care of these reports quickly and accurately, use the Report function on the player or content in game, not through the FAQ. This will flag the offending content, saving our T&S Monitor time and effort in identifying the violation. 


Most tickets pertain to Another Player Violating a Guideline (33.6%) or a Bug or Glitch (47.8%)

As we just mentioned, reporting content in the game is the best way to do your part in keeping the community safe. Visit the Community Guidelines in the FAQ any time to review our current policies. 

Also: keep checking for updates! As we grow we plan to review and amend our policies to best adapt to the changing needs of our community. Fun fact: we’re always discussing how we might edit our guidelines for improved clarity and fairness. Major changes will get an announcement post on Highrise EN. 

We’re also onboarding four new Trust and Safety Monitors. Guideline violations are top priority, so making sure that we scale our staff to make the volume of incoming reports is vital to the health of the social-first experience. 

Now, we’ve all encountered a bug or glitch at some point in our Highrise lifetime – remember the wonky ice cream cone?

When you report a bug, the Concierge sends a report over to our QA team. They confirm and document the bug to create a new ticket for our developers; depending on severity, bugs are prioritized and allotted time in the dev queue for attention and resolution. 

` We’ve got big plans for how to improve our app for the smoothest UX, so be on the lookout for more updates! In the meantime, we want to bring your attention to Canny. 

Canny is the tool we use to collect player feedback on community events and feature requests. Upvote and comment on other player suggestions, and keep your eyes peeled for staff updates on in-progress features. 


That’s a wrap on the first Concierge Survey! Thanks for all your feedback, and get ready for the next survey :p 

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